The Practice of Lindsay Hardman



Individual Counselling for Adults

Psychological distress is often the result of difficult experiences and situations. The nature of life and its challenges means that we all experience distressing situations at times, however at times  this can become too overwhelming leading to depression, stress or anxiety. Individual therapy allows adults to take responsibility for their emotional needs and deal with past or current hurts in a safe and secure setting.  

Adult counselling offers a confidential, private space for clients to build resilience and coping skills to deal with their stressors. Interventions are tailored specifically to the clients needs and vary from short-term to long-term.

Couples Counselling

  Couples who are dating, engaged or married can benefit from Couples Therapy. The nature of being in relationship/married is often complex due to each partner bringing their own ideas, opinions and personal history into the relationship. Imago Therapy is a the primary couples counselling approach used to assist couples.  

Family Counselling


Families can be a source of comfort, nurturance and support but sometimes relationship dynamics can place the family under strain and some family members may feel lonely, disregarded or undervalued.  Each family has different opinions, perspectives and their own personal history making them unique however this often becomes a point of conflict.

Family counselling aims to help families communicate their feelings and concerns openly and to resolve underlying conflict. The focus is to build on resilience and resources within the family unit and understanding differences in perspectives.

Family therapy may focus on some of the following aspects:

- Communication

- Setting boundaries

- Building trust and safety

- Dealing with addiction in the family

- Dealing with divorce and separations

- Adjustment to blended family and step-parents